Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cooper's Hawk and the Cottonwood Tree

My husband was outside compositing leaves

when Cooper's Hawk flew in.
He is a gorgeous bird.

Cooper helps to keep the House Sparrow
population in check.

Kathleen Cain's love of the Cottonwood Tree is contagious!
I am enjoying her book and
 falling in love with the Cottonwood.
I found another book about the Cottonwood Tree.

I asked my husband if he would like to do some carving.
He thinks he would.

We could look for Cottonwood bark next time we go hiking.
I really love these carvings.

Carving Cottonwood is an old Native American art.

I enjoy reading craft books for inspiration.
I am still felting,
gathering proverbs,
making cards and knitting.
I picked up two skeins of silk and baby mohair lace weight yarn
at the Fabric Recycles shop.

As I go through my fabric stash I am deciding what I will keep and what I will recycle. The shop keeper gives store credit.
I really like supporting her shop. This yarn is a delight to knit!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We had a COHA visit our garden yesterday. It does make the House Sparrows scatter and chatter. Love seeing those carvings. WOW. Carving would be a good winter hobby. Felting sounds like a warm winter hobby. Love that soft beautiful mohair yarn. It defintely calls for a cuddle.

Angie said...

The Cooper's Hawk is so beautiful and majestic. I think I spied one in a tree in back of our house. I took a picture but I'm afraid he was just out of range of my camera's abilities. :/ Haven't transferred photos in a while...I want to do that soon to see what surprises I have waiting there. :)