Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a way of life.
I enjoyed the collages in this book.

I enjoy Haiku.

The collages have inspired me to make collages out of junk mail.

I shall be making valentines from my collages.

Becoming a waste free household means I need to have all sorts of ideas on how to use the raw materials that come my way.

I am thinking about paper crafts.

I shall never look at a stray sock 
the way I once did!

These are so very cute!

Socks as friends works for me!

My imagination 

is having a fun time!
I am wondering what I will 
come up with for stray gloves?
Pocket friends are delightful!

I have begun a felted 
wool crazy quilt.

My first square is from my first felted wool
piece I did a few years ago
and a velvet leaf that was in 
with some of my Grandmother's things.
I love my hand sewing at night.
It is wabi sabi.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Making these pincushions has been very fun.
I have two more to make before I begin something else.
I will give these to friends come next October.

I have been using a divided
wooden serving bowl to help keep the little pieces of this and that I have needed for my pincushions organized.

Each one is a little bit different.

I miss the bugs in the winter.
That is one reason I am teaching myself
 hand sewing so I can do applique and quilting.

I want to make bees

and butterflies.

I am gathering my embroidery floss

 and my beads.

I am gathering patterns.

I am organizing my fabric.

I am making a plan.

I made a couple of charm bracelets.

I took an old broken rosary and added a clasp
 and a couple of medals.

I added more charms to my Cowgirl charm bracelet.
I wear it all the time!

I did a fun bracelet
for Christmas.
Hope you are having crafting fun.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Always making something

Seems as if I am always creating.
It is just what I do.
I have been wrapping paper free for many years.
I buy silk scarves at the thrift stores to wrap my gifts.
I also use pillow cases, tea shirts and all matter of tea towels.

When I found this book at the library I was excited. The art of furoshiki is  amazing.
I was hoping I would learn a few more wrapping up ways.

My husband helped me make a pattern so I could make a pumkin pin cushion.
Using six segments I can sew up a pumpkin or a tomato.
I am wanting to make a few pumpkin pin cushions for October gifting.
I worked on my prototype last night. I stuffed it with roving.
I will finish with a stem and a large button bottom. I am doing hand sewing in the evenings. 

I felted an old orange wool sweater. I cut out my segments, a stem and some leaves for a fancy pumpkin pin cushion. I will let you know how it comes out.
I needed a pin cushion for quilting.
I needed a place for my needles and my embroidery scissors.
I made this little cushion and scissor holder.
I am organizing my fabrics and trims.
I am organizing the buttons.
I want to be able to find things quickly.

This tin is just perfect for white buttons.

I have lots and lots of felted wool.
I have lots of buttons.
I do love the idea of this piece.
I want to make a Cowgirl on a button Moon.
Button dolls are fun!

I have started a scrap basket and am gathering ideas on what to do with them.

I have decided 2011 will be a waste free year.
Coming up with ways to use everything that comes into my house.
I will be looking at packaging before I buy.
I am repurposing as much as possible.
I have made a commitment to sharing with you what I make each week. I am always making something.
Wednesday is my "Artful Life" blogging day.
I am repurposing my blogs too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We are making masks.
I am using gourds as display stands for my eye masks.

My friend came over for Krafty Kitten day.
She decorated one of her masks with recycled black lace she cut from an old bra. This one also received a beaded butterfly that once was an embellishment on an old tea-shirt.

Tan lace, black netting and bead flowers from an old pair of
 flip-flops made this mask very unusual.
We had so much fun!

My husband and I folded
a Black Cat mask.
It was involved but very fun to do.

Masks are fun to make and
wonderful decorations for Halloween.

We have just begun our
 papier mache projects.
They take a long time to dry.

I have begun putting together my paper
making supplies.
I am excited to use garden plants.
Some of these I will harvest after frost.

Paper projects are one of the
ways I hope to use junk mail and paperboard.
I am gathering ideas.