Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hat Boxes

I decided my orange hats needed orange and black hat boxes.
It will be so easy to find the hats if they are in
coordinating boxes.

I spray painted these boxes with a flat black paint
after checking to make sure my two new hats would fit.

After the black paint dried I sponged orange paint on one
and just wiped orange paint over the lid on the other.

I brought my embellishments out to the deck.

I brought out the old orange and black hat box I did years ago
and gave it a dressing up.
I have decided all my hats will have hat boxes.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bee on my bonnet

I love hats.
I wear them every day.
Often I will decorate my hats.

This little wool pull on has a button attached
that once was on one of my Grandmother's coats.
Today while I was doing a hat photo shoot I placed my hat on the deck rail.
A bee landed on my hat.
I was pleased.

I am collecting orange hats to
wear with my orange October outfits.
I have a few.

I added the bright blue scarf
to the velvet Pumpkin Orange hat.

This burnt orange wool felt hat came with
the peacock feather.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New use

I bought this vest at the second hand shop for $2.00.
It looked like a teapot cozy to me.

It has been years since I sat at the sewing machine.
It has been years since I designed a piece.
Yesterday I found the teapot that would look perfect with the cozy.

This morning I cleared the kitchen table off.
I had no pattern or instructions; just the cozy in my mind.
I pinned and cut and stitched and broke a needle.
I made a mistake and had to take the stitching out and try again.

I am so pleased.
It looks just like the cozy I had seen when I saw the vest.
I had fun too creating her.
I am back with ideas .
I am ready to make hats and bags.
I have a jacket in my mind and a silk skirt to go with.
I need a dress form. I need to redo the office.
I am ready to create again.