Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Honoring our inner Artist

Carole sent me a lovely card.
I am not sure how we found each other but
I am so happy we did.
She lives in Australia.
Her blog Origa-me Origa-me is a festival of inspiration.
Thank you Carol.

The Fiber and Weavers Guilds of Kansas City
are having their annual show and sale.
I think I will ask a girlfriend if she would like to go.

My husband and I had our Artist Date
on Friday night last week.

It was very fun!
I found a company that specializes in providing responsible building supplies. We are just beginning to plan our new countertops and back splashes in the kitchen.
I shall be looking into using recycled glass.

I am so pleased we found these shops.

It is "art"  that makes my heart dance.
I am honoring my artful ways.

I brought up my November scrapbook.

There are so many ways to express.

While walking about last Friday night we met a troupe
of Fae from the Wildwood.

I was inspired to get my books out.

I requested more books from the library.

While I was sitting outside with the birds, my camera
and my books today I realized that my relationship with the birds
is part of my art.
Hairy, the Woodpecker, is still shy.
I think he will learn to trust me and my suet!
I will continue to take his photograph.

The female Northern Cardinal.
knows me.
Her portrait I have photographed many times.
We are friends.
I am not sure how we met
 but I am so happy we did.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are seeing lots of inspiration while out with your hubby. Budgies are one of my favorite birds. They fly wild in Australia. In our part of the world you can see them in small flocks in FL where they have escaped and made small colonies. Love the card from your friend. I don't know how I met you but I am glad you are a friend.

origa-me said...

I'm glad we met too and that the card arrived safely. I hope you got a kick out of the envelope I made! I can see you snuggled in your home with your books, looking out at the bird feeders and waiting for another year of growth in your garden. Stay warm.
PS My husband if going to Iowa on sunday, we have been shopping for warm clothes LOL.

Anonymous said...

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