Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread Man

My friend brought over an old wool coat.
She thought I could could use it for felting.
I saw Gingerbread Men!

I cut the coat apart and machine felted the camel wool.

I cut out 12 gingerbread men,
enough for 6 ornaments.

While the wool was felting I shaped a brim for my lime green angora hat.
I re-felted it and now she is drying on Hannah, the hat form.
I have been reading about how to wire a brim.
I think I will try it next week on this soft brim.
I also want to do some beading on the crown.

My forced bulbs are beginning to show green.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My tree

My tree is coming along.

I am remembering how to do embroidery stitches.
I am making a braided trim for the edge from the pieces left over from my slippers.

After I make a project
I am using the scrapes for tree ornaments.

There are sixteen panels to fill on my tree.
Lots of space to practice stitches.
Lots of space for soft sculptures.

My tree is a story tree.
It is coming right along.
I have the rest of my life to finish it.
I am in no hurry.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift hat

My friend is coming to visit on Friday.
I thought she might like a pretty blue hat.
I enjoy making the head wraps with felted fabric.
They sew up so quickly and are fun and warm to wear.

Making the embellishment is fun too.
I soft sculptured a little something for the front of this one
and added a button from my Grandmother's button tin.

I had so much fun making my friend a hat
I decided to make me one!

More embellishments!

There was just enough blue angora left to make two ornaments for the felted Christmas tree. I will attach those and take a few pictures of the tree.
She is becoming a beautiful story of my felting projects.
We will have two posts this week!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Felted Christmas Tree

I have been looking forward to today.
I have been thinking about how I wanted to make my felted
Christmas Tree.
I cut 14 triangles out of the forest green merino wool sweater
I felted last week.
I sewed them together and refelted the fabric in the kitchen sink.

I created a drying frame from a dowel and some florist foam that I put in a pot.
While the tree began to dry I felted some of the scrapes in my scrap box.

I began to soft sculpture little ornaments.
I did balls for the tree tips. These I hope to needle felt onto my tree.
I bought the small drying frame at the thrift store yesterday. I thought it would be an attractive way to dry small felted things. I am out of room so everything has to be decoarative as well as useable!

A felted rose from a scrap! I think I will add some small seed pearls or beads to Miss Rose.

All this month I will be working on the felted Christmas tree.
I think needle felting ornaments will be so fun!
I also can do some stumpwork embroidery ornaments.
I think making a tree is a great way to learn!

I will share each week as the felted Christmas Tree
grows and becomes
a sampler.
I am closing up the sewing machine until January.
I am bringing out my sewing box.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Out of space!

My hat books arrived yesterday.
I am looking for a class on the art of millinery.

Hannah's hat band form also arrived.
I hung it on the wall. I am out of space!
I need a studio!

I felted five green sweaters today.
They are drying.
I am thinking of making a felted Christmas tree.

I needed moth chasers for the orange wool hats.
I did up three small bags of lavender and rosemary for the hat boxes.
I like to do these for all the wool hats and sweaters.
I also am gathering my craft books.
I need to get organized!

I contacted the Weavers and Fiber Guild of Kansas City.
They met once a month.
If the weather permits I would like to join them in January.
I would like to be with other people who love fiber.