Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A sweater upcycled

The old yellow sweater has a new life.
The Frog is a book sitter.
I have a mate for her cut out and ready to sew up.
They may become bed sitters.

The little bear, Yolanda, stands on one of the shelves in the bedroom.
She will scent a hat box once she tires of standing.

I made a pair of leg warmers and this reverseable headband hat.
I have few sweater scrapes for quilting or using for applique.

From a wool felted sweater I made another headband hat
and cut out two little bears.
I have my hand sewing set up for the week.
I do enjoy designing my little critters.

I have brought up all my broken costume jewelery.

I have gone through the button tins.
I am ready to make up a few pieces of jewelry with a touch of
French design.

These quilts are gorgeous.
Maybe someday I too will be able to create a gorgeous quilt!

I am in love with Provence.
The French Country style appeals to every part of me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Each day I walk around the yard with one of the cameras.
Today I took the macro lens out.
I love working with my cameras and the different lens
and the light of Spring.

I like the idea of using what is at hand
to create bird houses.
I like creating with seeds.
I have planted my salad bowls with
Swiss Chard and Red Oak Leaf letuuce.
I did two bowls for Easter centerpieces.

The Robins have claimed the raisins.
The Mocking Birds sneak in when the Robins are distracted for a few quick bites.

I might have to set up another raisin spot.

The birds are keeping me occupied while I wait for sprouts and bees and butterflies.
My husband captured one of the moles
that has been tunneling in the flower beds.
We relocated him far from our gardens.
I have been doing my mending during my
 evening hand sewing time.
I am gathering once again for a krafty kitten day.

I am being French inspired.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Spring

It was a lovely day.
A watercolor day.

I was outside as much as possible.
I saw my first butterfly of the season.

Each day more flowers bloom.

A pile of feathers has worried me.
I did not see the female Flicker today.

We cleaned bird houses
and prepared the Spring kitchen root vegetable garden
so we can plant tomorrow.
  We will plant the above ground vegetables
after the Full Moon on Saturday.
 We plant by the moon as much as possible.

The rose bush by the front pond is leafing out.

I bought up an old sweater to remake.
I think I will make some leg warmers and a little headband hat.

I have finished my green wool felted projects.

I made a set of coasters for my
St. Patrick's Day table.

I found more black buttons for eyes.
I will make a few more little bears.
They are delightful sitting about the house.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everyday Art

I filled the difuser this morning with a lovely oil blend.
Within a minute the kitchen smelled heavenly.

I have done up a few pots of violas and pansies for the house.
Come April I will plant them outdoors.
I am working on setting the dining room table for a small dinner party we are hostessing Saturday night. 

This week I have made two
Green wool felted bears,
Gretta and Galen.
They are bed sitters for March.

I read about making a cingulum.
Cingulum is Latin for a braided belt, or girdle.
The cingulum is used for knot making.
These knots are magical knots.
One such knot is called, "Gabriel's knot".
It is a single knot place on a cord or belt, or cingulum,
t the intention is to be close to Archangel Gabriel.
When you wear the belt the knot reminds you of this connection.
Another set of knots is called a "Witch's ladder."
These are nine knots tied on the cingulum in order.
Each knot represents a blessing.

 I plaited three cords;
gold to represent the sun,
silver for the moon
and white to represent me.

I made one knot in the center.
I asked Gabriel to guide me.

I think the
Chinese knots and the
Celtic knots are the same
 Chinese knots are pulled tight.
Celtic knots are left un-pulled.
I have begun to collect knots of all sorts.

I am working on my charm bracelet for March.

I am gathering my "charms."

I enjoy learning about the folk crafts
of different cultures

and honoring their art.

 Sometimes I learn a new craft

that enriches my life.

It seems as if everyday
I make something.