Friday, February 10, 2012


I was so pleased to receive an Artist Trading Card (ATC) from my friend Carole.
She delights me!
My husband made a cedar table top for our deck table.
A bird feeder fell on the old glass top and it broke into a thousand pieces.
I was so surprised how quickly he made it.

I am working on planning our 2012 kitchen garden.
I want to be sure and have protection from the birds.

I am reading about growing fruit trees.
We have two pears and I want to add a dwarf cherry.
I just do not know where.

I grow lots of herbs in my flower beds.
More and more my landscape is becoming edible.

February is often so very cold all I can do outside is to bundle up, feed the birds,
sit in the sun and dream.
I have my notebook out.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

The Year of the Dragon is flying right along.
I turned the calendar page this morning.
Already we are celebrating February.
I do believe in magic.

February is all about the magic of believing.
February is all bout love.
In the predawn sky Shaula and Lesath are rising.
These stinger stars herald the coming of Spring.
The Pawnee of the prairie called these stars,
 "Swimming duck stars."
They knew once these stars were visible in the early morning the prairie would soon be awaken by thunder and rain.
I read Earth and Sky every morning.
It is St. Brigid Day.
I am shopping for a St. Brigid's cross for my kitchen.

I think it will be nice for February decorating.

I read the first Wednesday of the month
 was once called Unicorn Day.
I love having an Unicorn Day.
I think I need a Dragon Day too.
I always have a few Unicorns about.

My February table cloth has unicorns.
A childlike wonder is dancing in February.

It was another 60 degree day.
Way too warn for February first.
A thunderstorm is forecasted for Friday.
100% chance of rain.

I am drinking my new favorite tea as I write this afternoon.

I am reading the Mammoth Trumpet.
I love reading about the Clovis.
The prayer flags hung limp on the deck.
The wind has been calm all day.
We are packing up the office.
We are choosing a paint color.
I am thinking bright and cheerful.
I am thinking yellow walls would be pretty.
My husband will work around my desk.
"No need to unplug," he said.
I do beleive in magic!

I shall write on my hat,
"Soon to see yellow."

Happy February!