Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cloudless Sulphur

I am ready to sew up my office curtains.

Hopefully by next week I will have them hanging.
I need to stop checking for butterflies so I can get
my work done!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I designed a new fabric
for my office curtains.

I am very pleased.

I only ordered 3 yards and I need 6
for both windows.
Thank goodness it is easy to order 3 more yards.
I love designing fabric from my photographs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Sandbars are appearing in the Missouri River
and a new summer sport is emerging, sandbar mining.
All sorts of shells and fossils are turning up.
The drought does have some joyful moments.

In August I am studying Wara/Tatami,
the sabi-ness of straw.

I love the idea of creating mats from grasses.

I love honoring plant fibers.

We continue to watch the Summer Olympic Games.
I read a bit during breaks.
"In China, it was jade that was awarded to champion athletes,
while gold was relegated to runners-up (a tradition honored at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, where first-place medals were plated with gold, as the International Olympic Committee rules dictate, but their reverse was inlaid with white jade.)

I am praying for rain.
I am learning how to manage in 100 degrees and drought.
It is Lammas today.
It is first harvest.
The corn crop has been lost.

Wara the sabi-ness of straw.