Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have been knitting little slippers.

These are so soft.
Perfect for when I sit at the spinning wheel.

These were so fun to make too.

I made a pair for my son out of home spun alpaca yarn.

I think they will keep him warm this winter.

did a post about Mary Janes Farm
and the slippers.
When I left a comment about wanting to try to knit them
Deb was so kind and sent the pattern.
Thank you Deb!

Right away I subscribed to the magazine. Lots of good green ways here.

These slippers were fun to knit. This was my first attempt at following a pattern. I left the strap off of the two pairs I made last week. I think I will try a pair with home-spun yarn for me. I shall try to knit the strap.

I just love knitting!