Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Etsy Pledge

My husband helped me set up a spot
in the basement to work on my

I decided since I was all set up
I would also spray finish a few gourds.

I sanded four dried gourds and put one
coat of spray polyurethane on them.

The other gourds I left outside.
They are dry and I could start work on them.
Not sure what I want to do just yet.

Some of my fiber friends have an Etsy shop.

I took the pledge to buy handmade.
I took a pledge to support artists.
Etsy is a fun way to do both.

Do you shop Etsy?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fiber Friends

I am keeping track of my fiber meetings in my fiber "spirit" journal.
I am writing down the names and telephone numbers of my new fiber friends.
I am recording my purchases.
I am writing down the dates of all the fiber events.
I want to go to them all.

This is a photograph of some llama roving.
My friends say it felts nicely.

Today I met an Alpaca rancher.
She sells alpaca yarn and roving.
I ordered some.
It also felts nicely.

An alpaca show is coming to my city in March.
I am planning on going.

One of the members of the felting group makes wood scarf pins.
I bought this one today.
It is made out of Osage Orange wood.

Bowling balls spring up all over my friend's gardens.
Her husband seems to grow them.

Every where I looked today I saw felt.

I am gathering junk mail to make paper.
I am reading about how to make silk paper.

The forced tulips are in bloom.

I did not do any project today.
I played with fiber friends.
I laughed and had fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I bought this card last year because I loved it.
I thought it would inspire me.
Instead it has languished in the drawer,
unseen and uninspiring.

My family has inspired me.

My daughter created a lovely birthday card.

She sewed the envelope too!

My husband created an origami butterfly for me.

He used a picture from an ad that came in the mail
for the front of my card.

My son sent an art card and a bracelet he made.
I want to make cards and bracelets too!

I remembered the butterfly girl card.
I had to hunt for her but I found her!

I want to do paper crafts.
I gathered some supplies. I started to make a mess!
Paper, scissors and paste...so fun. Art class in the kitchen.

My first project is to cover a box for 2009's small bits of keepsake paper that comes my way.

I have done scrapbooks for many years.

For 2009 I want to keep a memory box.

While my box was drying I put together a movable "paper works" studio.

I need places for the tiny bits of paper I will need to make cards. I need paper organization!

I still am working on felted hats and bags...Thursday is the first meeting of the year for the Weavers and Fiber Guild. I plan on attending.

I love being artsy....I love creating....I love making a mess!