Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Full Use

Drying our sheets out on the line is an affordable luxury.
The smell of sunshine stays on the sheets all week.

I dry my lemons when I make lemonade.
I use the lemon peels to make lemon ginger tea.
Only after they have steeped for five minutes to I send them to the compost bin. I strive for full use.

I am reading embroidery books.
I am gathering my threads and needles.
I am remembering my stitches.
I am gathering ideas.
I take many photographs every day.

I am living the artful life
with the birds today.
I am establishing a relationship with the
male Hummingbird.
I am working on stop action.
When his mate arrives I hope she
will pose for a few portraits.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mindful Living

Spring calls to me, "Come outside."

The Hummingbirds have returned!
I really want to be outside all day with the bugs and birds!

Hand sewing continues to be fun in the evenings.
Anything goes when it comes to cozies and crazy quilting.

I am finding lots of little ways of being mindful.
I am using rechargeable batteries and I plug outlets
that are not in use.
I use a creamer for the co-conut milk I put in my coffee.
That way I open the refrigerator once in the morning.
Just a little way of saving energy.
The mornings have been chilly.
I turn on my space heater.
No need to have the furnace on.
 I can always put on a sweater.

I made a big pot of soup in the slow cooker.
The slow cooker is an efficient way of cooking.
Plus it is delicious and so easy to do.
There are lots of different styles of embroidery.
I think making pretty flowers is fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chasing Bees and Butterflies

Butterflies are teasing me.

They float through the gardens
 beckoning to me.

I grab the camera.
The butterflies are gone.

The scent of the Lilacs beckons me.
No teasing, only enchantment.

I finished the little girl dolly.
I have put up the felted wool.
I have a new project to work on.

I think I am ready to make bees.

I am gathering my supplies.

I am so excited.
Once I make a few bees I will be able
to make other bugs!
I want to make beaded
flowers and bugs too.

I am saving all my chipped
and broken ceramic items.
One of these days I will have enough
for a project.
I have cut out squares of embroidered
netting to make covers for the ice tea pitcher,

 sherbet cups and creamer.

My hand sewing this coming week
shall be to finish the edges and add beads.

I love reading about the crafts
of other cultures.

A sense of place comes to me

and I feel connected.

Hand sewing what I need

delights me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovely Day

We walked under the Crescent Moon.

It was a lovely April evening.

Last night I finished striped boy dolly.
Tonight I began working on
striped girl dolly.
Her hair will be longer.

The bed is filling up with sitters.

I spent most of the day outside.
I love being with the daffodils.
We are in the middle of spring clean up.

I laughed when the Tiger Swallowtail chose an
old white work bucket to dry his wings.
I was pleased to see him.
The butterflies have awakened.

I listened to Brown Thrasher
sing his territory song.

Welcome back!
It was a lovely day.