Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I bought this card last year because I loved it.
I thought it would inspire me.
Instead it has languished in the drawer,
unseen and uninspiring.

My family has inspired me.

My daughter created a lovely birthday card.

She sewed the envelope too!

My husband created an origami butterfly for me.

He used a picture from an ad that came in the mail
for the front of my card.

My son sent an art card and a bracelet he made.
I want to make cards and bracelets too!

I remembered the butterfly girl card.
I had to hunt for her but I found her!

I want to do paper crafts.
I gathered some supplies. I started to make a mess!
Paper, scissors and paste...so fun. Art class in the kitchen.

My first project is to cover a box for 2009's small bits of keepsake paper that comes my way.

I have done scrapbooks for many years.

For 2009 I want to keep a memory box.

While my box was drying I put together a movable "paper works" studio.

I need places for the tiny bits of paper I will need to make cards. I need paper organization!

I still am working on felted hats and bags...Thursday is the first meeting of the year for the Weavers and Fiber Guild. I plan on attending.

I love being artsy....I love creating....I love making a mess!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Sherry. I do wish I could come play with you. :) It looks like so much fun. You will be so inspired by the guild people. It is inspirational to be around other artists.

When was your birthday??? I hope you had a great day. Hearing from your children I know made your day special. That M is a keeper.

Q said...

Dear LIsa,
Oh I wish you could come over too!
We could have craft day.
I do hope I get along okay with the guild people. I do need to be around other artist...
Maria, from Gardening with Turtles, is an artist. We have gotten together a couple of times for lunch. She lives pretty close.
My birthday was the 31st! We went on our Safari for my birthday outing. The kids were so sweet to remember me.
My Husband is very kind. I do adore him. His Blue Morpho is the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen. I do think it is the best one he has folded....
I had a wonderful birthday.
When is your birthday?
Sherry, who loves to make birthday cards.....

Cathy said...

She's launch into another project!!!! Watch out!

Good you make card and I'll make mini books. That's the latest thing I want to play around with. We'll post our results.


Natural Moments said...

I love the owl on the Mullein. It really shows off its size. You have a very creative family. Looks like a lot of fun.

Cheryl said...

I agree with Lisa's comment I wish I could come and play to. This is the sort of project I love.....

Your presents are beautiful and personal.....much love went into them all......you have a thoughful family.......

Wendy said...

Me too - I'm coming to play! You have such creative ideas. I'm impressed.
Happy late birthday. I love that owl. He's so special. Home made gifts are really the best.
Lucky you!
I hope this year brings you lots and lots of fun and love and wishes come true.
Light and Love

Christy said...

Hi there, just wanted to say how glad I am that you've come to the Weaver's Guild. I hope you got some inspiration today, I usually do, seeing everyone else's amazing creations. Come visit me at cristae if you have time!

Mary said...

I love that butterfly card! What a very crafty family you have and what fun to do all these things. Wish I had someone around to inspire me and motivate me. Quilting is the only thing I stick to.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
The altered books are very fun!
Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.
I realized while I was working at the kitchen table I was raised by people who did not let me make a mess. I was able to let all that old inner chat go and create. I found a piece of glass to work on. It will save the top of the kitchen table from glue!
Crafting and creating is so fun.
Sherry, who is turning her house into a studio

Q said...

Dear Bernie,
I was so tickled with my artsy family. They just made my birthday incredible.
The best gift was how they inspired me to do some paper crafting.
We never know when we will be the inspiration or be inspired.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I so wish we were just down the lane from each other. We would giggle and cry and drink too much tea and munch on lavender wands!
We could make all sorts of messes.
Sherry, who is covered in glue

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
so happy you could come! Scoot up to the table...we are going to need art smocks...or at least an apron.
There are stickers over in that basket and here are some fun beads.
I love playing and creating...being with friends is the best.
Hugs, oops sorry about the glitter..
Laughter and joy,

Q said...

dear Christy,
I had a wonderful time meeting you and Judy and all the ladies and gentlemen at the Weavers Guild. It was amazing. Not only am I inspired but I feel as if I have found my spot. I have looked for like minded artists for a very long time. Thank you for being so inclusive.
I love your Etsy shop. My daughter has encouraged me to set one up. She says she will help me with it too. For now I am happy to be an artist with "The Bird Sings". My photographs are made into different cards. I love that!
Looking forward to more meetings and getting to know you and all the Fiber Folk.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
My family are artist! They did inspire me. I cannot think of a better gift.
I have a quilt I started 25 years ago. Maybe I will hunt it up and finish.
I feel as if i could do anyhting.
Thank you for your support,

Barbara said...

So you are a capricorn too? Happy belated birthday to you and all the best wishes, a lot of artistic inspiration and success to realize your dreams! I'd also like to have a craft day with you (I like paper in the different shapes and form too and I am fond of cards because I like to write them :-)!!)...
Have a good time,

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
It would be so fun if you did come and we palyed with paper! I look forward to Tuesdays, my art day. My husband says I will need to do art everyday if I am to get all my projects in. He is right too.
Thank you for birthday wishes.