Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fiber Friends

I am keeping track of my fiber meetings in my fiber "spirit" journal.
I am writing down the names and telephone numbers of my new fiber friends.
I am recording my purchases.
I am writing down the dates of all the fiber events.
I want to go to them all.

This is a photograph of some llama roving.
My friends say it felts nicely.

Today I met an Alpaca rancher.
She sells alpaca yarn and roving.
I ordered some.
It also felts nicely.

An alpaca show is coming to my city in March.
I am planning on going.

One of the members of the felting group makes wood scarf pins.
I bought this one today.
It is made out of Osage Orange wood.

Bowling balls spring up all over my friend's gardens.
Her husband seems to grow them.

Every where I looked today I saw felt.

I am gathering junk mail to make paper.
I am reading about how to make silk paper.

The forced tulips are in bloom.

I did not do any project today.
I played with fiber friends.
I laughed and had fun.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Sherry, You are having too much fun. Those bowling balls are a hoot.

Cathy said...

Well if the bowling balls are not glue on, you could have impromtu bowling game in the middle of the street.

You know, if you going make paper, the next step is making your journals..


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....How wonderful that felting has led you on this journey. Making new friends and being invited to their homes.
The bowling balls are unusual. Are they difficult to cultivate? Only joking now.....

The tulips are bringing much colour to your home......

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I was so tickled...glad I brought the camera. I was asked to take some pictures, which I was happy to do.
Very fun people.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
The balls are just hanging on re-bar...so different. Actually this looks very cool...
I am looking forward to the day I am making my own journals. I have this idea that once I have the papermaking down I can do a huge batch...I need big pots.
I also am saving old leather jackets for covers....
Are you writing any poetry?
I shall pop over.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Larry is the husband of my new fiber friend. He planted the field of bowling balls. When Carol Ann has guests over Larry invites them to plant a bowling ball. I planted a yellow ball. It started as a joke and now he has over 400 balls growing here and mostly there. It is an interesting art project. People know about the field of bowling balls and will leave balls for Larry near his mail box.
These ladies are an answered prayer...
The tulips are pretty. I have one here on my desk and it just delights me!
I hope it warms up soon.
I need to walk.
Sherry, who is counting the days until Spring

ICQB said...

I made paper from junk mail many years ago. I turned it all into homemade Christmas cards that year. It was a fun project.

Your Artful Way posts always tug at my creative side. I enjoy seeing the wonderful things you are putting your mind and hands to.

Q said...

Dear ICQB,
I am so pleased to be creating. I love it. I do not have very much room so I am also working on organizing and finding space for all the different kinds of fiber and paper art I want to do.
Photography doesn't take much space!
I am looking forward to my paper making. It has been so many years since I made paper I feel as if i am starting over.
Hope you find a few minutes to create.