Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sea Horses, Sea Dragons and Ki

I always have a Sea Horse or two about.
They are in the house
and the gardens.
I love them.
In June the good Sea Horse takes center stage

with the amazing Sea Dragons.
I read about the Weedy and Leafy on line.
I look at pictures and dream about these wonderful creatures.

In June I am studying in my
 Elements of Japanese Design book

the concept of Ki.
I gathered a couple of pieces of found wood
and made a wood sculpture for my desk.
My mechanical pencil needed a holder.
I added a small piece of lovely old wood to my pocket.
Just a small piece to remind me
my knots and grain are to be honored.

We pruned the old wood from the Fig trees.
I saved the wood.
It too is to be honored.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

My favourite subject, wood. I to honour wood. I always ask the trees for permission to cut away their branches....I always send them blessings when I do so.
The cuttings are then put through the shredder and placed beneath said tree/shrub. Everything goes back to the soil in this garden :)

I love your desk tidy, very unique, very beautiful.

Seahorses are amazing....your pieces of artwork are a reminder of just how special but fragile, our planet is.
Bless the seahorse......