Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sea Glass and Roses

The Baltimore Orioles are exotic birds.

I enjoy watching them eat the oranges.

We have grapes and grape jelly out too.

The Orioles are pretty birds.

My son sent me three small pieces of sea glass.
They inspired me. I live far from the sea but I do have a rock tumbler. I think it is time to start tumbling. I think it is time for me to make my own sea glass.

The days are hot. I garden in the mornings.

I have fallen in love with roses.
In the afternoons I am doing my research.
 Come next spring I will be ready to plant.

I found a dragon for the side patio.
He shall sit under the Chinese Lilac.
I love collecting dragons.

I collect sand castles too......
and mermaids and seahorses and shells and all manner of
found treasures.
I am looking forward to collecting roses.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

I love the dragon, he is wonderful :)

The Baltimore Oricle is so colourful. He matches the orange perfectly.

Roses are beautiful.....I have the wild rose (Rosa Canina) in my hedgerow, Rosa Rugosa amongst the borders, an unknown climber in the Dogwoods, and Rambling Rector making its way to the sky.....

Cheryl said...

BTW when you live in UK you are never far from the sea :)