Thursday, May 24, 2012

Powell Gardens

The Pipevine Swallowtail greeted us when we went to
Powell Gardens.
They seem to be more prolific this year.

We planned to spend the day.
I had a list of plants I wanted to see and I wanted to
talk with the gardeners about growing fig trees.

I waited until their summer display of Fairy Houses

and Forts were installed.

I love the little houses made from gourds

and found garden items.

The Forts were interesting.

I am so inspired!

These garden Fairies are very busy folks.

What I love about this troop of Fairies
is they are never too busy to answer questions.

I always have lots of questions.

The Orchids in the conservatory are gorgeous.
I just might need to replace mine.

There are birds and critters in the gardens.
Always happy to see a snake.

We are bug hunters.
Seeing Great Spangled Fritillaries in the day lilies
made me gasp with delight.

Flowers always look naked without their bugs!

It has been years since I have seen the Eastern Amberwing.
These are small dragonflies that mimic wasp behavior.

We also saw a few Zebra Swallowtails.
I am keeping field notes this year.
We saw Zebra Swallowtails and Great Spangled Fritillaries
last Sunday. They must be emerging.
We stopped for lunch and I saw a kite sculpture with a tag.
I knew it would be perfect in my gardens.

It is too!

I have my Field Guide to Insects on my desk.
This metallic green beetle should be easy to identify.
Yet with over 24,000 species of beetles
 in North America it could take me awhile.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Wish I had been with you, such a beautiful place :)

So many bugs and butterflies....I love the fairy houses. That has me thinking that maybe I could follow their lead.

Love your new piece of garden art......

Tammie Lee said...

so many treasures! it looks like a marvelous place to visit and with my theme of fairies at the moment, perfect timing. lovely weekend and beyond to you ~

Kathleen Maunder said...

Your insect photos are amazing and that kite sculpture is perfect! Wish I was as brave as you about snakes. :)

N J .............. said...

Thank you putting up the photos of the gourd houses. I make minature houses and so am always looking inspiration. Thanks.