Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everyday Art

I filled the difuser this morning with a lovely oil blend.
Within a minute the kitchen smelled heavenly.

I have done up a few pots of violas and pansies for the house.
Come April I will plant them outdoors.
I am working on setting the dining room table for a small dinner party we are hostessing Saturday night. 

This week I have made two
Green wool felted bears,
Gretta and Galen.
They are bed sitters for March.

I read about making a cingulum.
Cingulum is Latin for a braided belt, or girdle.
The cingulum is used for knot making.
These knots are magical knots.
One such knot is called, "Gabriel's knot".
It is a single knot place on a cord or belt, or cingulum,
t the intention is to be close to Archangel Gabriel.
When you wear the belt the knot reminds you of this connection.
Another set of knots is called a "Witch's ladder."
These are nine knots tied on the cingulum in order.
Each knot represents a blessing.

 I plaited three cords;
gold to represent the sun,
silver for the moon
and white to represent me.

I made one knot in the center.
I asked Gabriel to guide me.

I think the
Chinese knots and the
Celtic knots are the same
 Chinese knots are pulled tight.
Celtic knots are left un-pulled.
I have begun to collect knots of all sorts.

I am working on my charm bracelet for March.

I am gathering my "charms."

I enjoy learning about the folk crafts
of different cultures

and honoring their art.

 Sometimes I learn a new craft

that enriches my life.

It seems as if everyday
I make something.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, your table is going to look so beautiful. Do have a lovely time.

The knots are fascinating. I have always loved them.
We have many knot gardens in Kent. Many of the old manor houses have kept this wonderful form of garden art.

I love your charms.....they tell a story. I also have some beautiful charms given to me by a very dear friend!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.....