Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Each day I walk around the yard with one of the cameras.
Today I took the macro lens out.
I love working with my cameras and the different lens
and the light of Spring.

I like the idea of using what is at hand
to create bird houses.
I like creating with seeds.
I have planted my salad bowls with
Swiss Chard and Red Oak Leaf letuuce.
I did two bowls for Easter centerpieces.

The Robins have claimed the raisins.
The Mocking Birds sneak in when the Robins are distracted for a few quick bites.

I might have to set up another raisin spot.

The birds are keeping me occupied while I wait for sprouts and bees and butterflies.
My husband captured one of the moles
that has been tunneling in the flower beds.
We relocated him far from our gardens.
I have been doing my mending during my
 evening hand sewing time.
I am gathering once again for a krafty kitten day.

I am being French inspired.


Blue bird said...

OK I found your profile I know where you are.
Certainly is warmer there than here on the East Coast near NYC. In fact couple of snow storms predicted.
Enjoy your lovely place! Your photos are amazing! Julia/Blue bird :)

Cathy said...

Good God, for a minute I thought that mole was dead! Guess he or she was playing dead.

Thanks for the laugh!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is odd that I have never had a wild bird eat a raisen or oranges like you and many other people have posted. I would love to see that in my garden. It just doesn't happen. The fruit rots. Robins are setting up territories here though. I love watching them. Love your macro shots.

Cheryl said...

Dear Beautiful images, so many yellows, sunshine yellows......spring sunshine.

Poor mole, he looks so vulnerable.
I do hope he survived his fright.
I sometimes get moles in the garden. Personally I tend to leave them.....they do cause damage though. I lost a small tree the last time they visited.
If we have a hot dry summer they will return but if the water table stays high there will be no chance.......