Sunday, June 10, 2007

Out of the Ashes

Our son is moving.
He is beginning the next chapter in his life.
I celebrate this change for him.

I am changing too.
This is my story of how out of the ashes rises the Phoenix.
Hopefully it will not take me 500 years.

I embrace the Artful Life.
I live conscientiously.
I live respectfully.

I live the artful life.


Mary Carlson said...

Great beginning, Sherry! I look forward to more of your posts.

Sheila said...

I look forward to sharing this journey (virtually).
The first entry is so intriguing, you may be sure I will be back..

Mary said...

Oh, I can tell this new blog will be a treat. Go, Sherry!

smilnsigh said...

I'm so happy to accept your invitation to join you here!


Q said...

Welcome Mary,
This is an adventure!
I have no idea where it will lead but I think it will be facinating.
I also think I will need help!
I would like to do some design work and include color and all the aspects of the natural world in my interiors. It will be all natural and as organic as I can make it.
I see stone cutters in my furture!

Q said...

Welcome Sheila,
My son had a fire going out in the country and when he placed the old chair on it I was struck by the significance of that. The way the flames licked at its legs and the heatwaves rolling up were so beautiful! I took a few photos and when I showed my husband he was "WOWED" It takes a lot to "wow" my husband. He is rather used to my "pretty pictures."
I mentioned how I wanted to begin my journal on-line and how everything has its "art". Starting with this photo seemed to be the best way to start.
I am slow and it could take the rest of days but I am committed to finding the hidden art in everything.
Thank you for journeying with.

Q said...

Welcome Mary,
Another journal! I have hundreds of journals. I do one whenever i begin a journey. Now with the camera as my companion I can write and find the photo.
The artful life could get "weird" at times, I have been called "Odd" so many times I am used to it!
Hopefully I will restrain myself!
Thank you for enjoying my odd ways.

Q said...

Welcome Mari-Nanci,
As the refinement moves forward I hope to have a few spots for relaxing. I think we will need some sitting and chatting time;
thinking chairs, mourning benches,
comfy rockers, recliners and foot stools....

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

This artful capture is stunning and so perfect for such an effervescent passage.

As life flows and changes, we journey back to the ashes to reclaim new, beautiful and delightful forms, thoughts and ideas. Your contributions to “Life and Art” continue to astound and fill me with hope and deep respect.

Much Love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you.
I do like this photo. I have printed a few 8x10's.
I thought it was fitting for a new journal about living an artful way. As I refine and re-do I thought this journal would be a good spot to talk about what I am doing. I would so enjoy hearing how others are living an artful life.
I do like to create!
How this will end up I have no idea but I think it will be fun to share.

menonita said...

hey really it s a good photo:)

Q said...

Dear Menonita,
Thank you.
I was pleased the camera saw the heat and the fire spirits!