Thursday, June 28, 2007

In the rain

My secret garden is in my mind.
It is where all the trees I have loved live.
I go there when it is raining.
I love rainy days.


Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

What a beautiful secret garden you have! This photo is extraordinary. It evokes a sense of peace and wonderment.

Thank you for sharing your sacred place.

Many Blessings and Much Love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you. I worked on this photo for awhile. Getting the camera to "see" the rain was a trick!
Finally By using manual settings i could get it. I liked the way the rain appears purple. A reflection of the flowers near by.
It is a sacred place.

Catherine said...

I have a secret garden in my head too...and I Love rainy days...
love your sites..and all your incredible photos!! I have tried to photograph rain..can't seem to get the camera to see the !

Q said...

Dear Catherine,
My gardens are very open. I have no walls or fences. For me, having a secret garden, must be in my mind.
The camera does have a hard time seeing rain! It wants to see through it! I was happy with this shot as it shows the rain and the opening through the back bushes into my neighbor's backyard. Like an opening in our minds.
Rainy days are delightful! Usually they are refreshing.
So glad you enjoy the essays. I enjoy photography and finding ways to express my thoughts and feelings through the pictures.
I am redoing my gardens and Artful Life is suppose to be about that transformation! My husband likes certain photos I take and will suggest I put them here as he thinks many look like paintings!
If I do art shots than here is the best place to publish them rather than on Corner.
I think I have all the different aspects of my life covered with all the different blogs I created. It is fun!