Monday, June 11, 2007

Fallen Petals

I leave the petals where they fall.

I like the look.

I do help the fallen petals.
On the coffee table I placed a crystal bowl under the vase of the Lilies.
I wanted the petals to fall into the bowl.
They did.
Instant potpourri.

When all the petals have fallen I will take the fallen petals and the spent stems out to the compost. Full use.


Sheila said...

I keep all the rose petals from bouquets I have been given, even from the wreathes that were at my mother's and MIL's funerals. They are like an organic journal, I see in them, memories of the days of my life that were marked with flowers.

Mary Carlson said...

Such a lovely idea, Sherry. Flower petals can still show their beauty even after falling off the plant; and then using them for compost once they have totally dried up and started to disintegrate. I also liked Sheila's comment, similar to some leaves or small flowers I have stuck in a book I had been reading while traveling...

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
I save petals too!

All the rose petals from the roses my husband has given me these last 35 years I have saved! I also have saved some of the flowers from family funerals...

Sheila, I think we are kindred spirits!
I love what you said, "memories of the days of my life that were marked with flowers."


Q said...

Hi Mary,
I have flower presses and in the past I have pressed many, many flowers. I used the flowers to make bookmarks and to make dried flower pictures and all sorts of other things.
I too will place a small flower in my book I am reading! A few stems of lavender or a rose often finds its way to my pillow slip!
I have to check my pockets before I do the laundry, feathers and flowers often find their way into the washer!

Mary said...

Full use of fallen petals. That's right. I never thought of saving them. They are decorative for a while and will always be useful. Good thinking - the artistic way.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I realized yesterday that I do many things in the Artist-way without thinking about them. Sort of my way of life. I hope to be able to "see" all of them and share. I think part of the idea is an attitude. One attitude I have is the Full Use. If I can think of a "full use" I am so pleased. I actually did a journal years ago called, "Full Use".

The French Nest said...

I also save the petals from flowers I have received from past birthdays, graduations and other celebrations. Transforming them into potpourri is a wonderful way to commemorate these wonderful occasions!

Q said...

Dear Kate,
I think the petals are nice for scrapbooking and crumbled in paper making too.
I am fond of pollen too.
Garden petals are nice in my bath.