Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Sandbars are appearing in the Missouri River
and a new summer sport is emerging, sandbar mining.
All sorts of shells and fossils are turning up.
The drought does have some joyful moments.

In August I am studying Wara/Tatami,
the sabi-ness of straw.

I love the idea of creating mats from grasses.

I love honoring plant fibers.

We continue to watch the Summer Olympic Games.
I read a bit during breaks.
"In China, it was jade that was awarded to champion athletes,
while gold was relegated to runners-up (a tradition honored at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, where first-place medals were plated with gold, as the International Olympic Committee rules dictate, but their reverse was inlaid with white jade.)

I am praying for rain.
I am learning how to manage in 100 degrees and drought.
It is Lammas today.
It is first harvest.
The corn crop has been lost.

Wara the sabi-ness of straw.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love baskets. I think it is amazing that people can weave natural fibers together and get a useable item. I hope you get some rain soon. The sandbars here are starting to grow weeds they have been out so long. The sides of the river is also growing weeds and trees. strange looking.

Angie said...

Learning the art of making baskets has always drawn 'its' interest. Those are lovely ones on the book cover. 'It' may check out that book. :) Stay cool, my dear SherryQ.