Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day out of time

In the Maya calendar

today is known as, "Day out of time."

I am thinking of the Mayans.
I am thinking about the ways they collected rain water
since they had no rivers or lakes.
I am thinking about how they managed in times of  drought.

I am thinking about those that came before.
I am thinking about cycles.

I am thinking about the circle of time.
I am thinking about climate change.

I am thinking about the crops that are burning up in
 the drought that is all across the midwest.
I am thinking as I do my daily watering.

We begin a new year.
We begin "Year of the Blue Resonant Storm"
 July 26, 2012 through July 25, 2013.
I hope it means the rains will return.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

A thoughtful post Sherry. I have just read a book about homesteading in the Dakotas. The drought they faced without all the modern conveniences. Scary. Sort of puts our drought into perspective. Things could be worse. Ever hopeful...

Angie said...

We are ready for the rains---I am intrigued with these photos of 'wheels'