Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dragonflies, butterflies and birds

I left some chamomile for the butterflies.
The Checkered White is new to my backyard.

The Dainty Sulphurs are also new this year.
Usually I harvest all the chamomile but
I have plenty drying this year for my winter tea.

Harris Sparrow is keeping the bugs out of the lettuces.

Mocking Bird has figured out the grapes.
 He just stabs them with his beak.

It was too hot for me to be outside this afternoon.
It is too hot for April.

I read my book. I dreamed of embroidery.
 I am smitten with the dragons and the damsels.

My daughter helped me design a piece of fabric
using one of my damselfly photographs.

It is pretty but the yellow is too bright for curtains.
I will try again.

My friend sent me a book of postcards.
These are butterfly prints representing the
 work of Edward Donovan (1768-1837).
His exquisite watercolor paintings take me to far away places.

I am smitten with the dragonflies.
I am smitten with the birds,
yet I dance with the butterflies.
My friend knows me so very well.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow, Harris's Sparrow in your garden. That is a bird I don't see often. Lucky lady. The butterflies are sweet. I love the fabric you made. Maybe a table cloth or pillows?? That would be a fun addition to the summer home.

cathy said...

Love that mocking jay photo!!! He like giving you that look" This my grape, get lost!"

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Pretty butterflies.....I love the marbled white, we have one very similar.

The fabric is pretty, I think Lisa's idea is a very good one. It would be wonderful to use the fabric.

The jay is a sweet bird........I give the blackbirds grapes (they are very grateful to you:)
I had never put grapes out for the birds until I read your posts last year.

kirstallcreatures said...

What beautiful butterflies