Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ember Days

I was so pleased to receive a Christmas card
from my friend in Australia.
Carol is a wonderful artist. Her cards are treasures.

It is summer in Australia.

Today is an Ember Day.
I just learned of these ancient days. There are four sets of three days scattered about the year.
In December, the first Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after St. Lucia's Day are the Ember Days of Advent.
 St. Lucia's Day is always December 13th.
This morning while doing some research on the internet about Ember Days I learned they are fast days as well as
weather predicting days. What ever the weather is today predicts the weather for January.
It is rainy and warm.
I will make a note and see if January is wet and warm.
I found a recipe for an Ember Day tart.

This is a very fun web site! I love the way the recipes are written.
Daniel Myers is a joy to read.
We plan on making a savory pie for supper tonight.
Our pie dough is chilling and we will roll it out soon.
Our filling will be  mushroom, spinach, cheese and egg.
We made this a couple of weeks ago and really liked it.

I have begun a new study.
I am interested in learning all I can about W.W.II
I am journaling and talking with older relatives about the war.
I am learning how full use and waste not were part of the war effort.

These war years have bubbled up in my life.
I do not understand why.
I only know WWII makes me very sad.
It is time for me to let go of this sadness.
It is time for me to find the way of forgiveness.
I am working on making peace.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wish you great PEACE.

Angie said...

"May your days be peaceful...hopeful...joyful"