Thursday, August 18, 2011


Every August I become smitten with the Morning Glory.

They greet me in the early morning.

I love their colors.
My son gave me the Heavenly Blue seeds years ago.
I love the way Morning Glories reseed.

The female Tiger Swallowtail in her black form continues
to come to the Butterfly Bush each day.
I would plant Butterfly Bushes just for her....

I am thinking about making a moss garden for Winter.
I like the idea of it.

I always have books about to inspire.

Now when I weed my roots look different to me.
I liked this idea and cleaned out the drawer under my stove and removed the cast iron muffin pan I have not used
for years. Now it is ready to fill with buttons and beads and other notions I will need for winter projects.

Pin cushions continue to delight me.
I have made many but still I do love them.

I am working on my forced bulbs.
I have 84 white tulips in the refrigerator cooling.
It takes 8 weeks of cool and 8 weeks in soil for blooms.
I will begin potting up tulips the middle of October for December bloom.
I also have ordered 200 white tulips and 100 white crocus for the Wind Spinner front bed. They will ship the end of September.
I think they will look lovely next spring.

I want to make all sorts of bags.
I have lots of silk.
I think silk bags will be my winter sewing project.
I would love to sew up all the silk that is in my basement!

I am gathering white flower seeds for a garden I am planning.
It will be next Spring when I plant.
For now I am gathering, planning and dreaming.
I am learning what flowers will grow best in my
hot and humid Summer.

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Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

What a wonderful idea. We journey together in many ways.
I have just ordered 40 cyclamen hederifolium for planting under the apple tree. I have some already but I would like a beautiful autumnal display under 'the old girl'.

I look forward to seeing your tulips with much anticipation :)

Pin cushions are delightful. Your artistic talent never ceases to amaze me. Silk cushions will be a dream.
I love my red heart, so does Poppi.......