Thursday, August 25, 2011

It is beginning

The leaves on the Dogwood are beginning to turn.
Autumn is coming.

The Hackberry Emperors have three broods each Summer.

The female Tiger Swallowtail in her black dress always makes me smile.
She could live inside with me if she would like that.
I would!
We watched the Harvesters mate.
There will be Harvesters next year now.

The Moon is waning.
I am making plans.
The waning crescent Moon is a thinking time for me.
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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I haven't seen any harvesters around here this summer. It has been too dry for about everything. WHINE~~~ What are you up to?? What are you thinking about??

Cheryl said...

Very beautiful Sherry,
I to see and feel the changes.
Autumn is my time....I adore this season.
The butterflies are beautiful and make me smile.....

Lisa comment made me smile too!!

Please do pop over, I have found something in the copse that I know you will be very interested in :)

Angie said...

Oh how I love your posts and photos, Sherry. I 'feel' Autumn just beyond the stage curtain, awaiting her Call, and I am 'being present in the moment'. I am looking forward to cooler temps and breezes sighing in the trees again.