Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In full color

The daffodils have dried.

I have begun to knit a scarf.
I am teaching myself.

If I have questions I can always consult my books
and my mentor.

For now I am becoming comfortable.
I love being able to take my knitting when I go visiting.

My water color pencils are nice.
I am learning about color today.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have lots going on in your Artful life. I love the looks of those daffs. How did you dry them? I keep a jar of dried roses that my DB has given me over the years. I like dried flowers.

I admire people who can knit. I am a dreadful knitter. I tried years ago and had excellent help but just couldn't get the tension right. Good luck to you.

Re said...

I'm surprised at how lovely the dried daffodil heads are. And well done on teching yourself how to knit.

Angie said...

The dried daffodils are gorgeous, Sherry. I would never have thought to try drying them. You are such a creative soul, and so wonderful to share your ideas with us. :) Thank you.

Isn't learning to knit just so satisfying? I'm truly a novice but I love sitting down and picking up those 'sticks'. :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry....the daffodils look beautiful.....like Lisa I dry roses that have been given to me by those I love.......

You are doing well with your knitting.......it becomes easier as time goes by.......I am sure if anyone can learn to knit, it is you........

Have fun.......

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The daffs dried on their own in vases! These are the ones I cut for arrangements this year. I do like the way they look. I also dry the roses my husband gives me...I have 37 years of dried roses. I think at some point I will make rose petal beads out of them.
I am so very much enjoying the knitting. I took my wool and needles to my Mother-in-laws last weekend and had a nice knit and visit with my husband's family.
Any mistakes will be fine, I will add a wooden bead or some decoration where the dropped stitches are. I also could always "felt" my scarf!

Q said...

Dear Re,
I have dried lots and lots of flowers over the years. I have also pressed hundreds! I like the daffodils since they dry so easily. I just cut and place in water in a vase and after a couple of weeks the daffs are dried. I pinch off the stem and place in the crystal bowl or a basket.
Nice to meet you!

Q said...

Dear Angie,
Thank you. I think they are pretty too.
Knitting is fantastic! Easy to do and fun to take with. I shall be taking my knitting on a trip next weekend so I will see how riding in the car and knitting goes!
So good to hear from you.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you! The dried daffodils are very nice in my bowl. I am making potpourri for May with them. I added some dried Lilac blooms and I am drying Lily of the Valley.
The knitting is delightful! I have a no rush on my scarf so it is just fun!
How are you doing with your calligraphy? I found my pens and thought of you. My daughter gave me a set of pens years ago and I never learned how to use them. On my list to do!
I enjoy living the "artful way!"

ShySongbird said...

I love this blog, 'arty' things fascinate me although I need more confidence to try more projects. I love to knit but have a little problem with actually completing things! :-D

I'm so glad to have found your lovely blogs and have left a longer comment on Q's Corner.