Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My little red cotton night dress
had a few worn out spots on the elbow.
I had stopped wearing it last year.
It has been in my mending basket ever since.

It is my favorite sleep dress.
My husband gave it to me years ago.
When a little hole developed I placed a heart over it.

Today I emptied the mending basket.
I saw her in the bottom.
I thought of all sorts of patches.
I finally decided to make short sleeves.

I tightened all the buttons.
I laid my night gown on the bed and admired her.
I have a feeling of satisfaction.
I almost threw her in the rag basket last year.
I thought I could just replace her.

I have changed my idea of mending.
No longer is it for making do, it is for restoring.
My spirit feels restored.
Mending can be a creative expression too.
It's all in my attitude!


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....oh how cherished....and loved is this precious gift. I have certain items of clothing I cannot part with.....special gifts, from special people......

I love what you are doing.......you have inspired me in many ways recently.......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nicely done Sherry. I have a favorite old dress that I wear as a housedress. I wouldn't be caught out of the garden in it but it feels so good to put on after a days work.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I have changed my attitude!
I used to dis-like mending very much. I would put it off and sometimes just get rid of the item. Yesterday I realized how much I have changed when I felt excited to see my red nightgown. As I was preparing to fix the sleeves I thought it would be a good post...not just the treasuring of the night dress but the change of attitude!
I could go buy a new nightgown but I cannot buy the memories.
I spent some time restoring my favorite nightgown, not time and money buying a new one! I loved the feeling of satisfaction....
I slept in my little red night dress last night. It was a sound sleep. I feel restored this morning!
Thank you! You inspire me too.
It is how we are with each other, encouraging and inspiring. We both have the artist eye...we both see nature as beautiful. We both know that it is the attitude we hold in life that makes the difference.
Sherry who walks in gratitude

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
My new book talks about making rags or mending patches out of the cloth when clothes are worn beyond mending. Since I buy only 100% natural fibers my clothes will make excellent patches and rags! I am slowly going through all my clothes. Each item is getting the look over. I am organizing my patching fabric by color.
I also am thinking of doing some dying this summer. Some of my things have faded.
I have a dress like the one you are talking about. It is so comfortable...we call it "at home" wear. I put it on when I am seeking comfortable!

Angie said...

I adore your blogs, and cannot begin to tell you how they make my soul feel so free, unfettered, light and airy! I have make a note to order the Green Housekeeping book--I too needs some cupboards for storage. I'm a daily visitor at your blogs, and I'm never disappointed. :)

Q said...

Dear Angie,
Thank you! I appriciate you leaving a comment and letting me know the blogs are fun and helpful for you! When I visited you I saw you are sad. The death of your beloved Badger has left a hole...love is like that. Perhaps a wee bit of mending would help.

ICQB said...

What a wonderful way to look at mending. There's also that feeling of being able to use what's available - like harvesting wild apples. It's very satisfying to make use of what's around you.

Q said...

Dear ICQB,
I now have a pretty basket I can put my mending in. When I am in the mood I can mend otherwise it is just an darling reminder of my house chores.
My change of attitude is helping me to celebrate my housekeeping!