Friday, March 6, 2009

First Spinnings

I took my first spinnings
and placed them in a bowl.
I treasure them.

I know they are knubby and need to be washed and the twists set.
I know they are not fine yarn.
They are my first spinnings.

I bought my first pair of knitting needles today.
They are made of rose wood and have mother of pearl inlaid tops.
I would love to learn to knit.

I wanted a pair of spinning wheel earings and a necklace.
Something to wear to guild meetings. I bought a few sterling silver charms on e-bay.

I bought jewelery making tools and made my earings.
That was fun.

While I had my tools out I made a couple of silver book marks.

I started on my March box.
It is an old wood box I found in the basement.
I shall decorate it with the motifs of March.

It feels good to be creating again.


Sprite said...


My Dearest Sherry,
Oh my goodness, you have been busy creating beauty where ever you are. I adore your spinnings, and the lovely way they are displayed. It warms my spirit and soul to see you creating and breathing life into so many wonderful and beauteous things.

Your jewelry is perfect! It will be so fun for you to wear your new set to your guild gatherings.

Such beauty surrounds you. Only beauty can surround you because ~ You are a beautiful soul!

All my love,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a nice ball of yarn Sherry. If you take to spinning you should learn to knit. You outght to keep it forever. Just to look back to see how you started. The needles you bought look like heirlooms not the business type needles. Too pretty to use.

Cathy said...

Very good Sherry, if you have time. Tried this little craft out. very fun to do.

Packing tape transfers.

She calls them tape transfers but they are so much fun.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....your first spinnings are must keep them always. I used to knit many many years ago. I made the childrens jumpers and cardigans.....I also knitted their baby grandmother also taught me to crochet.....I made pretty mats for my table etc.....I have not made these things for years, unfortunately I just do not get the time.......

I love the is charming Sherry and so niece makes all my earrings.....I have around 30 pairs.....the beads are mostly handmade and very pretty. I have every colour imaginable....she is lovely to make them for me, I treasure them..... the ladies at the guild gatherings will be impressed by your style, of that I am sure.....

Have a fun weekend

Best wishes.....

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you! I do treasure my first spinnings...I think they are charming...
I tried the knitting needles out. I think I wll take right to knitting.
I wore my spinning wheel jewelry to Sandi's launch party. I just love the way they dangle and they are spinning wheels...
Thank you for your kind support.
I have mending to do today..learning to patch...
Love and light,

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I do hope to learn to knit! I have many things going on and I think I would be happiest waiting until I get back from Portland to learn. I will have all summer to spin and knit and work in the gardens and build a studio!
My mentor suggested the Rosewood needles. She said they are very nice and the yarn does not slip like with the metal ones. I love the wood. I saw a set of small wood knitting needles that are just beautiful... My goal is to learn how to knit socks. I think the little needles are for those.
So much to learn!

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I will check these out. I bet I would love them for paper crafts.
I am enjoying learning all these new creative ways!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I knew you would understand...thank you.
I will treasure my first spinnings. I have a few for my tree. I also have a few for decorating. I might go ahead and do a full pound of merino white wool as first spinnings. I have lots of uses for them!
MAybe one of these days you will pick up your needles again. I would love to know how to k=make socks and gloves....
I really want to make everything!
Thank you for your encouragement.

Cyndee Greene said... inspiring!
Love your blog!