Friday, October 24, 2008

Bee on my bonnet

I love hats.
I wear them every day.
Often I will decorate my hats.

This little wool pull on has a button attached
that once was on one of my Grandmother's coats.
Today while I was doing a hat photo shoot I placed my hat on the deck rail.
A bee landed on my hat.
I was pleased.

I am collecting orange hats to
wear with my orange October outfits.
I have a few.

I added the bright blue scarf
to the velvet Pumpkin Orange hat.

This burnt orange wool felt hat came with
the peacock feather.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice hats Sherry. I have a summer hat that has orange flowers on it. I have a friend that is a milliner. I wear hats a lot too.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you. I am gathering my materials to start making some felt hats. I also would like to make some purses!
It should be fun.
I would love to be a milliner.
I always was impressed by the Mad Hatter...

Anonymous said...

I love all your awesome hats, Sherry! I can just picture you in them...Bees have good taste in hats, too!
Hugs, carol

Q said...

Dear Carol,
As you know I love hats!
I have plans to make lots this winter. I think every outfit needs a hat!
I painted boxes for these hats today. That was lots of fun.

Mimi said...

OOOH! Love the hat collection.

Cheryl said...

What beautiful hats Sherry.......and so stylish......

I wish I could wear hats unfortunately they do not suit me.......... scarves are my weakness.......

Q said...

Dear Mimi.
I have lots and lots of hats.
The old antique-vintage ones I sold when I was in business. The ones in my closets are the ones I wear. Almost every day I wear a hat...
I have different hats for each month. I am gathering supplies to make hats. I think I shall make a hat and a hat box out of felt. This would mean I could start learning felting and hat making in the same project. My little sweater stocking cap really got me excited! I can "see" all sorts of fun hats coming into my life. With all the feathers from the birds I might be putting a few feathers in my caps too~!
Thanks for crafting with.
I am pleased to be creating again.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you. I do enjoy hats. The orange velvet top hat I have not worn yet. It is so bright and fancy. Putting the bright blue dottted scarf on it really gave me the idea that I want to play with color more. I have this hat on a hat stand on my dresser. It is lovely.
I do not have the perfect outfit for it. I have some old tapastries that would make lovely jackets...on my list to make.
I too love scarves. I wear them as neck wraps. I like them on hats too.
I love the scarf you sent to me. I am thinking of the perfect hat to make for it.
Thank you Cheryl for you support as I create and express my creative aspect.
I do love textiles...