Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making plans

It was a gorgeous September day.
At mid morning I took a cup coffee to the deck.
I sat with the butterflies and birds.
The poke berries continue to be a treat.
I am enjoying the birds.
A glass bowl, on the deck, is a favorite drinking spot
for the Cardinals
and Chick-a-dees.
The Hummers are gaining weight.
They have a long flight coming up.
I am getting the plants ready to come in for the winter.

Marigolds are adding color to the borders.
I am planning a Krafty Kitten day.
My friend is coming over to make Halloween Masks.

I am gathering supplies.
I think it would be fun to make magic wands too.

Our Scarecrow has an antique hay fork.
This year I think I will do it up.....
Dried ferns are great!
I have lots of dried Queen Anne's Lace!
These feather masks have inspired me.
I think I will make a Swan mask this year.
I think I will add white to my October decorating....

I am making plans.
 October will be here before I know it.


Cheryl said...

Such fun Sherry, sound like you are going to have a wonderful time.

The white mask is beautiful.....and I love the thought of decorating the antique fork. You are an inspiration.

You right October will soon be here. The months, years seem to fly by now :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Not only can your mask be used at halloween it can be used for Mardi Gras. You and your friend will have a blast making halloween decorations. Isn't amazing how late the Cardinals are nesting this year?? DB calls those young ones Black-billed cardinals. :) Have fun.