Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our daughter knitted an apple sweater.
It protects the apple while traveling in a picnic basket
or a lunch pail. She inspires me.

We went to a paint your own pottery place for her birthday activity.
I choose cupcake plates and my husband painted bugs for the plates. I am thrilled with them. We had lots of fun crafting.

I began knitting a car blanket while traveling.
The point protectors I used are just common orange rubber ones.
They do the job but are not very pretty.
I have one set of pretty point protectors.

My daughter doesn't have any.
We decided we would have a Krafty Kitten afternoon
and do some jewelry making and try our hand at making
point protectors.
Using Sculpty and a couple of thimbles I made a pair.
We baked them in the oven. My daughter used small wooden thread
spools and filled the centers with sculpty for hers. We used our needles for the right sized holes. I brought mine home to paint.
I am already planning my Krafty Kitten time with my daughter for next year. I am gathering materials to make more point protectors. If we want to we could offer them to Yarn Shops. I think we are on to something.
Portland, Oregon is a very artsy city.
We went to Scrap looking for crafting supplies.
They also have a public sewing place and a power tool library.

My husband found "The Wheel of Time" at scrap for a nickel.
Perfect for the theme of our trip.

I had seen a journal book made from shopping bags.
I decided to make one when I came home for my next year's trip journal.
We had done some shopping along the way so I have a few bags.

I found some nice cotton for the cover.
My daughter found a book of bag patterns and some lovely fabric
at her independently owned fabric shop.
I requested a few books on bookmaking from my library.
They were in yesterday so I shall read and decide on how to
bind my brown paper journal.

Learning bookbinding will be another skill I have longed to have.
While in Portland, I bought a wonderful rock tumbler.
I want to do my kitchen back splashes in gems stones and fossils.

It will take me awhile to acquire all my pieces.

Learning how to do mosaics
has been on my wish list for years.
I shall be in the gathering part of this project for awhile.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love making books too Sherry. Your bags have interesting writing and images on them. They will work great. Some people even use the bags for some of the pages. Nice to draw on or you can write on them. Your fossil collecting project sounds like fun and it will be useful. My Uncle once built a house and every rock on the outside had a fossil on it. It was a magical place. Love your cupcake/ladybug plates. They are so cheerful.