Monday, January 11, 2010

Chinese Knots

I want to learn how to make decorative knots.
I requested a few books from the library.

                                The Chinese knots are so beautiful and have an interesting history.

My husband helped me set up a knot board.
I gathered my supplies.

I worked on my first knot.

It is harder than it looks.

My first knot!

I need to get some different cording.

It is very fun to do.

It might be awhile before I am knotting

and making tassels
like the professionals.

I want to make decorative knots for my prayer ropes.

I also want to learn how to make Celtic knots.
I think they are very similiar.

I found the red satin boxes at the thrift store.
Perfect place to store my knotting supplies.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

OMG what an interesting endeavor. Can I purchase one of these from you? I would love to have one. This is something I cannot wrap my mind around. My poor mind would be fritzing and fizzing trying to keep track of where the loops go. Those Chinese Red boxes are certainly the perfect storage containers for this project. What a find.

Cheryl said...

Sherry....I just love celtic knots.....I wear celtic jewellery, showing of mine relates to nature and the druids....I wear it everyday......I never leave it at home.

This is a beautiful have the patience of a saint. You have my respect.

The storage boxes are lovely and so perfect for your project......

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
If I ever get good enough I can just knot away I will let you know. It might take a few months of learning.
I still am working on my rose beads. My first batch is dried and this afternoon I want to make another batch. Once I have about fifty I will string the rose beads and varnish them. After that I would like to be able to add Chinese knots to my prayer rope.
It is a process!
The button knots are the way the Chinese make buttons for the "frogs". I have never made frogs much to learn!
I still have hats to make too....
It is fun to have a craft to work on by the fireplace.

Chris said...

This post brings back memories. I had some books on Macrame years ago. I made plant hangers and an owl with jute and wooden beads. I may have them packed away somewhere. Enjoy your Knots, Sherry. I remember it was very theraputic.