Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Over the weekend we visited a Paco-Vicuna Ranch.
I was looking for fiber.
I found heaven.

This is Athena.
She is a premier plus animal with a beautiful fleece.
I shall be getting some of her next shearing.

A new cria, Blaze, only three weeks old.

So cute and soft.

I bought 4.5 oz of Flora's yarn.

This will get me started.

I bought the fingerling weight.
Exquisite yarn for a new knitter.

I have partnered with Hickory Ridge Farms.

I only want to knit Paco-Vicuna wool.
It is like knitting with cloud fiber.
It is soft.
It is devine.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Knitting with clouds in hand conjurs up a great image. I can see why you like the fleece. Just looking into those soulful eyes would get me.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry......they are so beautiful....their eyes are captivating, such soft eyes.....

To know where your clouds come from is wonderful.....I would think of sweet Flora everytime I reached for my knitting needles.....

Enjoy my friend.....

Reader Wil said...

These are adorable creatures, Sherry! Thanks for sharing.

Paula Scott said...

What beautiful yarn! And the creatures it comes from too!

magiceye said...

they look so lovable

keewee said...

Such lovely animals. I have not dome any knitting in years.

Wendy said...

Such beautiful and gentle looking creatures. I think it's wonderful that you know where your wool comes from - and think of this sweet paco-vicuna while you are knitting.

Kathiesbirds said...

Does it cause any kind of allergic reaction like lamb's wool? It looks so soft from the photos. I have never heard of a paco-vicuna.

Lin said...

Those alpacas are so beautiful! I can imagine how soft they are. I've never been good at knitting, used to crochet alot. I've been feeling like trying to crochet again, maybe you will inspire me! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also love those pictures of the goldfinches!