Monday, May 19, 2008

Painted Daisy

I watched the Painted Daisy

slowly open her petals.


Cathy said...

Now that's something wonderful to watch today. I just watch how slowly the clock move while at work.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I enjoy watching flowers bloom. The daisy opens rather quickly!
Clocks can move slowly......some make for great photos.

marmee said...

i love unfurling flowers!

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Me too!

Carol said...

oh, that 2nd photo is sooo cute, it's almost like the flower is flustered at being caught off-guard or something... you know what i mean?

i've been looking in on your blog for awhile now.... your photos are beautiful... do you mind if i add you to 'my favorites' list?

Q said...

Dear Carol,
The daisy is a cutie! She does semm to be almost embarrassed. LOL
I would be honored to be on your list.
Thank you,