Saturday, November 10, 2007


The male Cardinal came near.


Jen Crossley said...

How beautiful!!! what an amazing shot!!!
what a striking bird

Sprite said...


Oh MY! Gorgeous! Wow!

I am loving your backgrounds too.

Great capture!


Q said...

Dear Jen,
The light was so perfect!
I took lots of photos yesterday.
The male Cardinal was very near.
I could have reached out and patted his sweet little head!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I am going with a larger photo format. My husband has been encouraging me to do so. I hope the photos are not too big!
The blurring of the backgrounds is one of my favorite ways of showcasing a bird or butterfly. I do this ofetn. Sometimes the backgrounds are just what I had in mind. This was one of those times!
Glad you enjoyed the male Cadinal looking so beautiful!