Sunday, August 5, 2007

Only Reflections

Looking at the stream in the sunlight
only seeing the water,
the ripples caused by the wind.
A brief moment.

A painting done in light and movement.


Sprite said...


Oh my goodness Sherry,

I was going to say Monet, before I finished reading your rumination.

This is very artful and very beautiful. It offers a sense of peace, through those gentle ripples.

Your ripples touch so many. Thank you.

Much love,


Q said...

Dear, Dear Sprite,
Thank you. You are so kind. My husband really liked the reflections in the small river we walked by. On the bridge I was too short to see over the railings. All I could see were the reflections. They impressed me. I was thinking Monet too! I was thinking how he might have "seen" in the reflections of a small, slow moving river. The camera saw.
You are very wonderful. Knowing the ripples...we never know when we will influence another. I hope my ripples touch others in a graceful way. Yours touch me with joy.
Thank you, Sprite.
Much love,

Chris said...

Yes, Monet! I thought the same the moment I saw your pics :-) Beautiful.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I bet relflections inspired Monet!
I am not a painter but if I was I would paint like this.
I paint with my camera I guess.
I am not creating very much these days. Just too hot.
Off to walk.
Hugs and ripples,

Karen Owen said...

Evidently I'm not the first to say it, but I thought these looked like Monet paintings. Gorgeous photos!


Q said...

Dear Karen,
Thank you. I did think these came out in the Monet style. I have not posted any of the "artsy" things I have done lately. Mostly I am organizing and getting my house and gardens ready for winter.
My husband thinks everything I do is "artsy" but cleaning never feels very creative!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I was just looking at the Wabash River on our walk this a.m. and I was seeing the reflections of the trees.

I like these picures.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I love reflections. Whenever I am around water I stand and just gaze.
Thank you,